The Technology

Micro soldering involves connecting wires or components to each other with a metal wire. By joining two surfaces with this wire is conducts electricity and allows current to flow from one component to another.

In this moment it is impossible to solder completely automatically wires with a diameter smaller than 50 µm. This means human resources and time consuming with less efficiency. With our unique technology, this barer is relieved and robotic soldering is possible down to 10 µm diameter micro wires.

With smaller components come smaller tools with bigger capabilities.

Our system comprises of a micro precision robot powered by a sophisticated vision system. Several lasers are employed to perform different functions such as wire decoating, soldering or just helping the robot to find the interest area. A variety of accessories are not forgotten such as soldering paste dispensers if needed for certain applications.

If you have a custom project of micro wire soldering contact us, we are based in Manchester, UK.